By popular request from expats, exchange students, tourists and other non-Dutch native speakers in Rotterdam: the first edition of Popquiz Marathon International will take place on November 10th!

On this Saturday, you and your team can participate in over 30 different quiz rounds, spread across 10 different locations in and around the Rotown area! Get your tickets HERE.

Normally, all rounds of the Popquiz Marathon are based on songs that once entered the Dutch Top 40 charts. This has now changed: the quiz rounds are now composed so that your oddly specific knowledge of British One Hit Wonders or German pop classics can finally be the difference maker! We try to include as many countries as possible, so wherever your team members are from, there’s probably a round in which they can excel.

Of course, the answer forms and round manuals will also be in English, just so you non-Dutch participants are not at a disadvantage anymore. Furthermore, the Popquiz Marathon is as as entertaining and fun as it’s ever been, so assemble your (international) team and sign up! 

- You need only one ticket per team.
- There’s a maximum of 5 people allowed per team.
- A team can only participate with a valid stamp card.
- Each team must have participated in at least 3 rounds at 2 different locations in order to have a chance to win.

- If a team has participated in more than 3 rounds, the lowest round scores don’t count
- The use of telephones and / or computers is strictly prohibited, so no Shazam or Soundhound !! You will be disqualified.
- Only teams that surrender their (full) stamp card to Rotown before 23:40 have a chance of winning.
- The team that wins a round gets 10 bonus points. It therefore pays to look for the quietest locations.

All scores are kept neatly and precisely during the quiz round and the winning team of the Popquiz Marathon will be announced in Rotown at midnight. Note: you can only win the quiz if you have participated in at least three rounds at two different locations. Tickets are available online and at the Rotown bar and you need one card per team.


Receive race numbers with your own team name printed on it! Send us an e-mail (info@popquizmarathon.nl) before October 15th with your ticket number and your team name. Then we’ll make sure a package with five personal race numbers is ready for your team!

This year we will make another weekly tutorial quiz this year to get you up to speed and well-prepped for the Popquiz Marathon. You need a little practice? Well, then sign up via info@popquizmarathon.nl!


€ 26.50 (please again note: you only need one ticket per team)

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1. Rotown - Nieuwe Binnenweg 19
2. Bar3 - Nieuwe Binnenweg 17
3. Boudewijn - Nieuwe Binnenweg 53
4. FERRY - Westblaak 127
5. Kraft Bar - Nieuwe Binnenweg 99-B
6. Melief Bender - Oude Binnenweg 134
7. Stalles - Nieuwe Binnenweg 11
8. Strano - Van Oldebarneveltstraat 154
9. Vibes - Westersingel 50
10 . Zondebok & 't Zwarte Schaap - Witte de Withstraat 96

10 November 2018 - Popquiz Marathon International (only in Rotterdam)

March 2019 - start ticket sales regular Popquiz Marathon 2019 (multiple cities)
29 mei 2019 - Popquiz Marathon 2019 (multiple cities)