Some pointers for Popquiz Marathon newbies!

🏆 You can exchange your team ticket for a goody bag and your stamp card between 19:00 and 20:00 hrs in Rotown. After that you’re free to go to any round you choose - as long as there is room left. Return to Rotown around 23.30 hrs, and hand in your stamp card. There, the results will be announced as soon as possible!

🏆 Put your team together wisely. Make sure you all have a different expertise, so you complement each other’s music knowledge and won’t get stumped on the same songs.

🏆 Study the time schedule closely and make a plan in advance. But remember, it’s going to be very busy and full = full. So make an alternative plan, in case one of your preferred rounds is full.

🏆 If you don’t know the song, keep listening. There’s a big chance you’ll at least be able to catch the song title. Also, writing down nothing for sure won’t bring you any points, so just give it your best guess. Who knows, you might accidently get the answer right!

🏆 Don’t forget to take a good look at the time table, it shows you during which decade the songs were released (orange for 10s, purple for 00s etc).

🏆 Try to catch the rounds that are less busy. The less teams play, the bigger the chance you’ll be able to score those bonus points. Also, if more than one team have the highest score in a round, the bonus points will split between them.

🏆 If you don’t want to be kicked out of the competition: Shazam (and Soundhound etc) is for wankers. So don’t be one!